Interpretation of Results

Start timing immediately after adding the sample to the Sample Port. The result will be ready in 15-30 minutes.

Note: Do NOT interpret the result until after your 15-minute timer has completed, because the T Line may take as long as 15 minutes to appear.

Note: False results may occur if the test is read before 15 minutes or after 30 minutes.

 POSITIVE RESULT: A POSITIVE result must show BOTH a C Line and a T Line. A positive result means that viral antigens from COVID-19 were detected.

Below are examples of actual positive tests. Please note that the T line may be faint.

NEGATIVE RESULT: A NEGATIVE result will show ONLY a C Line. A negative result means viral antigens from COVID-19 were not detected.

Please note that negative results do not rule out COVID-19. 

INVALID RESULT: If there is NO LINE, or if there is ONLY a T Line, the test is INVALID. An invalid result means that the test did not function correctly. A retest using a new test should be conducted.


Disclaimer: (Pictures are for representation only, markings on test cassettes may vary.)